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Who we are

TRAVERTINE MARKET is a Southern California wholesaler and retailer of Natural Stone products. We are a family owned business located in Anaheim, California since 2006. We cater to both retail clients purchasing for their home or business as well as wholesale clients looking for container quantities. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to make sure our client’s projects turn out just the way they imagined big or small, taking you step by step through the process. The majority of our stone is quarried and imported from beautiful Turkey where we have strong ties with the local suppliers but we do carry a range of natural stone tiles as well as accent pieces from other parts of the world that we source out locally.

We always encourange our clients to stop by our California showroom to check out our vast selection, take advantage of our free design consultation and fun atmosphere. For out of state customers please rest assured that we will take great care of you here in our shopping site and we will guide you to the productds that best fit your project. Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help you every step of the way and with our resources and great prices we are certain we are able to do so. 



Limestone is a sedimentary stone composed mainly of grains created from skeletal fragments of marine organisms. Limestone is generally white but can also be found in golds, browns and reds due to iron-oxide impurities, or blues, blacks and grays due to carbon. This stone is considered softer than travertine or marble but still suitable as a building material.


Marble is a form of limestone that has metamorphosed meaning the original carbonate mineral grains have re-crystallized. This is usually a result of tremendous pressure on limestone over many generations. Marble has long been popular as a building material as well as for use in the arts. Marble can be polished to a high shine and comes in a variety of beautiful colors.


Travertine is not only a durable tile but has a unique look that lends itself to many different applications in residences and commercial spaces.  This stone creates a classic look that will never be out of style but will continue to be admired for centuries to come.

Travertine is formed in water, often hot springs or subterranean rivers or lakes where layers of calcium carbonate and other minerals build up over thousands of years.  As the water recedes gas bubbles form naturally occurring voids in the stone creating a porous, smooth, durable material.  Travertine as a material falls between limestone and marble which is why you may see the names combined at times.

Quarrying Travertine

Large blocks of travertine are taken from the rock bed and then cut into more convenient sizes as slabs or tile.  These can be cut a couple of different ways:

  • Cross-Cut:  The travertine is cut along with the grain, along the same layer as it as been formed producing a more uniform block as far as tone.
  • Vein-Cut:  The travertine is cut across several layers of stone against the grain resulting in a more mottled, striped look.
  • Once the travertine is quarried, it is then sorted and grouped according to color and texture and cut accordingly into tiles. 

Travertine Tile Finishes

There are four common finishes used for travertine tile that will create different looks within the same stone:

  • Honed:  This creates a smooth, matte finish that creates a refined look.  Usually associated with a straight edge and fill where the naturally occurring holes in the tile are filled with a resin or cement. 
  • Tumbled:  Travertine tiles are literally tumbled against stones giving the tiles an older, more rustic style.  These tiles will have a rounded edge and create a beautiful old world look.
  • Brushed:  This finish also creates and more textured and weathered look by brushing the surface of the tile with wire brushes smoothing the edges of the voids and created a soft textured feel, usually with a chiseled or straight edge. 
  • Polished:  The tile is polished to a shine creating the same smooth surface as the honed tiles and most often filled as well with straight edges.

Popular Travertine Uses

Travertine is a versatile stone with qualities in color, texture and durability that make it a highly attractive choice for many different uses.  The Roman Coliseum, Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Paris all showcase this timeless stone.
Today’s common uses for travertine include:

  • Floor Tile
  • Countertops and/or backsplashes
  • Showers
  • Pavers
  • Wall applications