Recently one of our clients just stopped by our showroom full of compliments and great shots of her final kitchen remodel and we simply love it. We loved walking her every step of the way, helping her pick materials that would coordinate with the cabinets and appliances she already had and allowing her kitchen to look fresh, clean and contemporary. The results are truly extraordinary and the fact that she is happy is so rewarding to us.


         Now she is back she is ready to design her Master Bath. One advice that I give to all clients that are remodeling is to make sure that the look of their home unified. In this profession I often see some chopped off designs, where the kitchen for example is completely modern while the bathrooms are so mediterranean that you could be singing “MAMA MIA” while showering in Italy. Homeowners please try to avoid that! Pick a style and stick with it. A great way to do that is to repeat some elements or use similar materials in each designed space. By repeating a color scheme, a texture or a pattern in a different way it will enable each space to look and feel individual while giving the house a cohesive look and style. For our client we are suggesting very practical surfaces for her bathroom keeping in mind the contemporary feel of her home and the colors we used in her kitchen. Below are some of the tile combinations that we are gathering for this project. Let us know what you think!


Carrara Marble Basketweave Mosaic White Wave Porcelain 3d Tiles Glacier White Marble & Cemento Porcelain Series White, Black & Gray Lantern Ceramic tiles XOXO, Michelle Mafra Travertine Market