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We get a lot of questions regarding combining different types of stone and the answer is yes! Combine away, some of the most interesting designs use a combination of different stone, color and texture.

For this project we combined the Crema Pearl Marble with our dark Noce Travertine in a vertical design that pools down into a bench top also featuring the Noce travertine. 

Crema Pearl shower 1

Crema Pearl shower 2

As for now We are in love with our NEW CREMA Pearl marble because of it's great calming beige tone with splashes of silver to give it great character. In addition the great affordable price that we are offering it really makes this marble an irressitable choice for your design. 


Jun 24, 2014 6:53:00 PM By MIchelle shower, tile, travertine, Comments Bathroom,
1. This brick style is a classic and looks great in large or small applications.
 Brick Pattern
2. The fishtail or herringbone pattern is something a little different, don't forget to consider the angles of your room and where your entrances are, you can create a different look just by angling a pattern one way or another.
 Fishtail Pattern
3. This is a fun design, you can create the look of a more traditional square design with a twist by using rectangles.
4. This brick style is a lengthier version by turning the tiles longer side up, you can also use offset square tiles in a brick style pattern that looks amazing.
Brick pattern
5. Stack 'em up. Clean and simple, this design will guide the eye along the length of the tiles.
brick pattern
6. This design frames out a row of simple stacked tiles to create a look that would do well in a corridor or walkway as well as repeated across a floor.
7. Turn that brick pattern on it's side!
vertical brick
 Voila! Rectangle glory.
Jan 15, 2014 9:45:00 AM By Michelle travertine, patterns, tile, rectangular, 2 Comments Patterns,

2 Item(s)