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 We love getting pictures from our clients. It is truly a pleasure to be able to see the final results after walking our clients throughout their project step by step. And yes we do feel so proud!  We truly enjoy seeing our curated stone, tile and material selection in your home or commercial space so please keep those pictures coming! They make our day and we love displaying them.

     This gorgeous Orange County residence just got a new resort backyard just in time for summer. Landscaped to perfection this stunning backyard was created using our Crema Ivory French Pattern and Walnut Pool copings. For the walls we used a 6x6 tumbled travertine, boulders for the retaining walls and garden walls and other fun stone mosaic accents that added a very sophisticated feel to this previously bare yard. The contrast between the water, the flowers and the color of the stone creates a soothing space that can be enjoyed all year round in our Sunny Californian weather. 

     Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in achieving a similar look. 



landscape 3


landscape 4


 landscape 2


landscape 5

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french pattern scabos    One of the most sought after floor layouts in the market today in the Versailles Pattern also know as the French Pattern in Travertine or Marble. The pattern consists of 4 tiles sizes 16x24, 16x16, 8x16 and 8x8. 


      The most common question we encounter when selling the pattern is:  Is there a pattern that I can follow so we use all the shapes evenly? The answer is YES we do have two pattern layouts that will help you or your contractor with installation. 


    The pattern itself is simple and it repeats itself so once one set of 8 square foot is laid it is considerably easy to follow the pattern and continue with the layout. In addition if you choose the authentic versailles pattern finish which is brushed and chiseled the chiseled edges will make the leveling the tiles very forgiving and most often the installation of the versailles pattern in a brushed and chiseled finish runs a little bit faster and sometimes even less expensive than a regular straight edge tile. 


    So our  recommendation is to embrace the different shapes and appreciate the movement that the pattern will give to your floors. Follow the pattern schematics for a even and practical installation and Enjoy this gorgeous European look in your home or commercial space.

1: Traditional Versailles Pattern Schematics 

French Pattern 1.

2. contemporary Versailles Pattern Schematics

French Pattern 2

To check out our great variety of Travertine Versailles Patterns click here. Enjoy:)

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