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Order Sample

The shipping price for a Free sample is a flat fee of $5.99. In the box you can include up to 4 free samples of any color combination. Always remember that the samples are a small and average representation of the actual product and in most cases not full pieces. Full pieces and individual batches of stone or any natural product may display variation in texture and color.




You do not need to order a sample before submitting an estimate to us but we do reccomend it.  We strongly reccomend buyers to order samples of our produts in order to get a better feel of the material you would receive shall you place an order. With a sample in hand you can confirm the color, the texture and the overall look of the material you would like to install. Natural stone samples will only showcase a small portion of the whole pattern within the stone, but we do try our best to include a range of samples that will give you a good idea of the variation of the stone from light to dark. For porcelain and other man-made materials the sample is most often a very accurate representation of the material you would receive. They are simply cuts from the actuall piece. So ordering a sample is reccomended so you can later place your order with confidence.




Few items in our store cannot be cut and therefore are not available as samples. Some of those are but not limited to: medallions, waterjet and mosaic borders, sinks and few natural stone mosaics and porcelains. In case you order a sample of an item that is not avalable as a sample we will do our best to send you additional pictures of the item before you purchase. Need a close up picture? Send us a quick message with your email address and we will make sure to reply. Contact us